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The health crisis has not spared the automotive market. With a decline in sales of new cars, the French are now turning to the purchase of used vehicles. Attractive prices, guarantees, immediate availability… Discover all the reasons to buy a used car.

Do you want to buy a new vehicle and your heart is torn between new and used? For several months, the purchase of new cars has been falling. In question ? A shortage of electronic components extending delivery times up to 12 months for the most coveted models. In addition to this aspect, buying a used car is also a good way to save money and stands out as a more eco-responsible choice for 81% of French people, according to a Harris Interactive survey. Here are 5 good reasons to turn to the opportunity.

Buying a used car: advantageous prices

As in all areas, buying second-hand is necessarily cheaper than new. A car leaving the production plant and put into circulation loses about 20% of its value. Over time, it continues to decrease until it reaches half its list price after 3 years. A godsend if you want to buy a recent used model like the Fiat 500x in stock . In addition, whether you go through an individual or a professional, a margin of negotiation is possible in the event that the vehicle presents imperfections.

Buying a used vehicle: a good guarantee

If you make your purchase from a car dealership, garage or agent, the price of the used car will be higher than from a private individual, but the guarantees will not be the same. Indeed, with a professional, you will be covered by the legal guarantee of conformity for a minimum period of 6 months. In concrete terms, the seller undertakes to repair any defect in the vehicle and provide telephone assistance during this period. In addition, the professional carries out a complete overhaul of the car before the keys are handed over.

Buying a used vehicle: immediate availability

If the new car market suffers from substantial delivery times, this is not the case with second-hand purchases . Indeed, this process does not require placing an order several months in advance. A few days are enough to acquire your vehicle when you find the model you like, especially between individuals where the process is very fast.

Buying a used car: testing before buying

You have set your sights on the vehicle of your dreams. All you have to do is try it out! As with a new vehicle, you have the possibility of carrying out a few test drives before buying it definitively. This step is very important since it is a good way to tell you about the quality of the car . Do not hesitate to come with a checklist of important points to assess: clutch, gearbox, braking, reverse gear… A few kilometers will be necessary to detect any faults and give you your opinion.

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