French people having already bought a used vehicle, the second-hand car market is booming, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive for Spoticar*. And for good reason: attractive prices, controls, guarantees and services, there are many reasons that can push users to choose a second-hand vehicle. Here are 5 already.

Do you want to buy a vehicle, but are hesitating between new and used? How about going through a second-hand professional? 87%* of French people believe that the second-hand market offers a wide range of vehicles in terms of price (study conducted by Harris Interactive for Spoticar). The Spoticar multi-brand label offers more than 40,000 vehicles in 1,200 points of sale. Are you still hesitating? So here are 5 reasons to take the plunge!

The discount corresponds to the decrease in the value of a product. In the case of a new vehicle, a loss of 30% from the first year is estimated, then 10% per year on average, ie a loss of 50% in just 3 years after entry into service. Choosing a used vehicle therefore means taking advantage of slower depreciation, since the discount for the first few years has already been realized.

By definition, if the discount has already been reached, the purchase price of a second-hand vehicle will necessarily be lower than for a new one. It is precisely the price that first attracts used vehicle enthusiasts. When you have a limited budget, it is therefore more interesting to go for a car that has accumulated a few kilometers on the clock. Without depriving yourself of a quality vehicle, you will also save a lot of money.

Another advantage of choosing a used vehicle is the possible access to the various options. The sunroof, the heated seats, the reversing camera…: so many advantages which undeniably improve comfort in the vehicle. But this has a cost, and it can be high! When the vehicle is new, the addition of options very quickly increases its price. With a second-hand car, it is therefore easier to access many facilities, even to acquire a superior model, which one could not have claimed with new ones. At Spoticar, the new used vehicle label from Stellantis, 9 categories of vehicles are offered in the 1,200 points of sale in the network, from sedans to coupé-cabriolets, including SUVs and utility vehicles.

In general, the used parts needed for the various repairs are much more affordable. In addition, the insurance of a vehicle over 4 years old is much lower than for a new vehicle. Indeed, in the event of an accident, the cost of repairs for a new vehicle is higher than for a used vehicle.

Buying a used vehicle through a professional allows you to make a purchase in complete safety. Indeed, in the case of Spoticar, the purchaser knows that his future vehicle will have benefited from rigorous inspection (engines, equipment, bodywork, etc.). In total, 100 control points are analyzed by the brand’s experts. In addition, Spoticar offers a warranty on the vehicle of up to 24 months. No unpleasant surprises, as there could be when you buy from a private individual. Finally, choosing the second hand does not mean ignoring assistance. A technical problem? Spoticar offers you assistance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day throughout Europe. The purchase of a new vehicle being particularly engaging, from a financial point of view, it is therefore better to take the time to reflect and to be accompanied. Everything related to his new vehicle (insurance, maintenance,

*The Harris Interactive study was carried out in March 2022 on a sample of 1,516 people representative of French people aged 18 and over.

This content was produced in partnership with Spoticar. No member of the BFMTV editorial staff participated in the production of this content.

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