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It is often said, caution is the mother of safety. When you travel by car, you are never safe from a small incident. It could be a puncture or a road accident. To repair the damage or at least mitigate it, it is necessary to have certain accessories in the trunk of the car at all times. Today we are going to make a list of all those tools that must follow us everywhere.

A cross key

The most common incident in the car is a flat tire. So the most useful tool in the trunk of a car is logically a wheel wrench.

The cross key is the composition of 4 tube keys. These will then be used to loosen the wheel nuts of a car. When the spare wheel is installed, the cross wrench will still be used to tighten the nuts.

The cross, as it is also called, is made up of 4 keys of different sizes. In this way, it adapts to all types of cars.

If the nuts are all the same size, you can make do with a wheelbrace. This can also be used to operate the jack.

A lifting jack

car lifting jack

It will do you a lot of service to put on your spare wheel

Also in the event of a puncture, the lifting jack is one of the most useful tools. It will be used to raise the car to a good height. In this way, you have the possibility of changing the wheel that is punctured. You can also use a jack as part of a brake pad change or an oil change.

You can find several types of lifting jacks. For cars, you can use the diamond jack, also called a mechanical jack. It has a support surface on the ground and a grip bracket that is placed under the chassis of the car. Since the screw can be turned at will, it is possible for you to lift the vehicle quite quickly.

However, it should be noted that its lifting capacity is 1.5 tonnes. This is the type of jack that is usually provided by car manufacturers for any vehicle purchase. The biggest advantage of the diamond jack is that it can go under most vehicles.

Then, it is also possible to use a hydraulic jack . For this type of jack, we can distinguish two sub-genres: the trolley jack and the bottle jack.

The floor jack is made up of a frame mounted on wheels, a hydraulic cylinder and an articulated arm. To use it, you use a handle to operate the jack. Which will lift the vehicle thanks to the articulated arm. All trolley jacks have a load capacity of up to 3 tonnes. But some 4×4 specific models can lift a weight of 5 tons.

As for the bottle jack, it works in the same way as the color jack. The fundamental difference lies in its presentation. Instead of being mounted on wheels, the jack is mounted on a flat, fixed support. And there is no articulated arm. It is then the cylinder which is responsible for lifting the car.

Of the hydraulic jacks, the bottle jack is the most powerful since it can lift up to 20 tons. On the other hand, as the jack is in a rather high position, it is not really suitable for lifting low cars.

It is a mandatory element

Among the mandatory tools in a car, we find the warning triangle. It is an object that is used in the event of an accident. It is in the shape of a triangle and has a side of at least 40 cm. Its edges must be red to be visible. In addition, it must also have reflective strips 5 cm wide.

When you have to stop at the side of the road after an accident, the vehicle can obstruct other motorists. It is by using the triangle that you signal the presence of a damaged vehicle to other road users. To do this, the triangle must be placed 30 meters from the vehicle to prevent others from being surprised.

Typically, when a car suddenly stops and has trouble restarting, it’s a spark plug problem. They must then either be cleaned or replaced with new ones.

The key will then be used to loosen the faulty spark plugs to remove them. Then it is used again to tighten replacement spark plugs.

All vehicle drivers must have a minimum knowledge of automotive mechanics. Having a screwdriver is fundamental in terms of mechanics.

Moreover, even novices must have a minimum of equipment on them. Indeed, it may happen that someone offers help, he will then need the necessary tools.

To know which screwdrivers to have, just take a look at the motor and observe the screws that make it up. Attention must in particular be paid to the collars of the hoses. Indeed, generally these are the parts that are most often dismantled in the event of a breakdown.

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