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In the event of a crack on your windshield, it is possible to repair it if it is not located in the manufacturer’s field of vision or is less than 30 cm. Otherwise, you will have to change the entire windshield. Driving with a crack of more than 30 cm on the windshield is punishable by a fine.

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The windshield protects the interior of your car cabin . But it can be cracked following an impact or a projectile: in this case, the crack can impact your visibility, depending on its location on your windshield .

The law therefore purely and simply prohibits driving with a crack that is the full width or height of the windshield , or that is more than 30 cm . In the event of control by the police, you risk a 4th class fine, i.e. a fine of 375 € .

In the event of a crack, the law considers this rule to be broken. In addition, apart from legal considerations, driving with a crack in the windshield is simply dangerous, since your visibility may be reduced.

A crack on the windshield that is not taken care of in time can also have other serious consequences. The windshield can break in particular.

Finally, note that an impact or a crack larger than a two-euro coin or located in the driver’s field of vision leads to a failure during the technical inspection . You will have to have the impact repaired or the windshield changed and then pass a check-up .

 How to stop a crack on a windshield?

stop windshield crack

To reduce the risk of cracks on your windshield, it is advisable to ensure that you keep sufficient safety distances from the cars in front of you. They can indeed project gravel on your windshield, likely to damage it.

We also advise you to prevent any thermal shock by protecting your windshield in the event of very low or very high temperatures. To do this, use a sun visor in summer or put a piece of cardboard on your windshield in winter if your car is parked outside.

If your windshield already has an impact, you risk making it worse and turning it into a real crack if you continue driving without repairing it. Using the heating or air conditioning too loudly when it is very cold or on the contrary very hot can aggravate the impact or crack the windshield .

If despite all your precautions you have a crack on the windshield, it is possible to prevent it from getting worse by using a special cutter and an electric filing machine . Another old-fashioned way is to use windshield glue or garlic, as a natural resin, as a way to slow the spread of the crack.

However, the only way to truly stop a crack on a windshield is to repair it or change the glass .

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 How to repair a crack on a windshield?

repair cracked windshield

A crack on a windshield is sometimes repairable, but less often than a simple impact. Indeed, to be able to repair a crack on your windshield , it must meet the following conditions:

If the crack can be repaired, the operation consists of injecting special resin which will harden and solidify. This service is carried out by many professionals, but there are also special windshield crack repair kits on sale on the market.

If the crack on your windshield is too large or located on the edge of the windshield or in your field of vision, the repair is impossible. The windshield must be replaced.

 What is the cost of repairing a crack on a windshield?

windshield crack repair cost

If you want to repair the crack on your windshield yourself, count 25 to 40 € for the purchase of a repair kit. To have it repaired by a professional, count an operation of about three quarters of an hour and a price of 120 to 140 € . If the crack is not repairable, changing the windshield will cost you between 300 and 500 € approximately.

Good to know : in the event of glass breakage , contact your insurance . You can be covered and the insurance will then pay for the repair of the crack on your windshield or the change of the latter if it is not repairable.

You now know what to do in the event of a crack in your windshield! To have a glass breakage examined on your car, use our garage comparator. Find a mechanic at the best price to repair or change your windshield with Vroomly!

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