customize the interior of your car

Just like us, you like to take care of your car, you take care of it, clean it and take care not to damage it, to keep it as beautiful as the first day. However, it is also possible to give it a personal touch.

Protect your seats with custom covers

It is relatively easy to personalize your seats while protecting them: install a TailorAuto cover on your driver’s seat , made to measure for your vehicle. Easy to install, you will no longer be afraid to get into your car after doing some work or a messy activity. In addition, as they are made to measure, you only have to choose the style you want to give to your seats and benches. Choose the color(s), material and style, and in just a few clicks, you will receive your set directly at your doorstep.

Choose a matching carpet set

In the same way that it’s easy to personalize your seats, interior carpets are also an easy way to give your beauty a personal touch. In addition, the mats prevent the interior carpet from being damaged, which is an asset for resale, in addition to keeping your vehicle in good condition. Maintaining your car will also be easier, since you can clean your mats outside the car, and even choose a set of rubber mats for winter or rainy periods.

Opt for a personalized audio and video system

Long reserved for the world of tuning, quality audio and video systems are now much more accessible. By choosing the right equipment, replace your original car radio for a more efficient model. Choose it capable of acting as a real media center, with one or more screens arranged in the head restraints. This way, your rear passengers can watch a movie or their favorite cartoon during long journeys. It should be noted that the quality of the loudspeakers is also a factor to be taken into account when choosing the equipment.

Wrap smooth surfaces for advanced customization

The majority of current cars offer inserts in the door panels, on the dashboard or the center console. These inserts can sometimes be interchanged for different models at dealerships, however they are still expensive and are not interchangeable on all models. It is therefore sometimes simpler and much more economical to cover them or have them covered with a wrap film. Offered in all imaginable colors, these films also exist with designs, textures (carbon, brushed aluminium, etc.) and can sometimes even be printed according to your own designs.

Install LED light shows

Like some manufacturers, Mercedes and its class A in the lead, LED light shows are fashionable. Depending on your budget, you’ll replace the interior bulbs with colored LEDs, or you can also purchase strips to slide into the joins of the dash or door panels, for mood lighting. A little extra: you can also choose a model whose color changes using a remote control.

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