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The car crosses the ages and remains an essential means of transport. According to a survey carried out by  Ipsos and Boston consulting , Europeans spend an average of nearly 2 hours in their vehicle per day. This is a considerable time during which it is important to enjoy good comfort and protect your vehicle.

In fact, improving the interior of your car makes you feel more comfortable in it and makes your trips more pleasant. Here are some great tips for customizing the interior of a car!

Protect the interior with a wooden kit

The interior wood kit is typically used on utility vehicles. These include vans and vans used to transport objects and goods. Indeed, a  utility wood kit  protects the bodywork as well as the walls of the car from shocks that occur during the transport of goods.

Likewise, this wooden cladding makes the interior of the vehicle much cleaner for customers. This represents a significant added value for a professional activity. Likewise, this protection keeps the vehicle in perfect condition for possible resale at a high price. A wooden protection kit can be composed of different models such as:

The advantage of non-slip plywood is that it is rot-proof and cleans up quite easily. In addition, with thicknesses ranging from 6.5 to 18 mm, these elements are strong enough to offer perfect protection.

Installing custom mats in a car is a surefire way to make its interior more aesthetically pleasing or even more enjoyable. This trick is valid both on commercial vehicles and on cars used on a daily basis.

Indeed, many models of mats can perfectly integrate specific cars. To make good choices, you must nevertheless take into account three main elements:

Based on these criteria, rubber mats are the most recommended and common. The practicality of this material is its main advantage. Indeed, rubber car mats are very comfortable and they soften all noises. They also offer a totally secure foothold.

In addition, for personalization, you can opt for the combination of different patterns or colors. It is also possible to have drawings or a short text embroidered on its rubber mat.

A car’s interior can also be enhanced with a seat makeover. The makeover is a great asset for aesthetics, but also for the comfort of the driver and passengers. You could choose slipcovers.

Car seat covers allow you to personalize your interior and make it stand out. They also have the advantage of being associated with many car interior elements. These include:




Airbags, etc.

In addition, with covers made of fabric, synthetic or natural leather or composite fibers, you can create a car interior of different styles: vintage, classic, tuning, sports car, etc. Finally, the covers also protect the seats.

Install a steering wheel cover

The customization of the interior of a vehicle can take into account many elements. You could also install a steering wheel cover to improve the appearance of the steering wheel. Installing a good steering wheel cover protects it and improves its aesthetics. Nevertheless, his choice must take into account certain elements such as:

The type of fixing;

The dimensions of the steering wheel;

The material of manufacture;

The colour.

The material to be chosen must also allow you to have a good grip of the steering wheel. Also, make sure that the color of the new equipment matches the decor of the vehicle’s interior.

Finally, you can add decorative objects as well as lighting with special effects to bring style to your car.

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