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After reading the book “Pourquoi pas le vélo” by Stein Van Oosteren, I wanted to share throughout the month of May 2022 some 30 good reasons for cycling in my eyes.

And you, what are your good reasons?

1 – Simply pleasure

Several studies prove that riding a bike makes you happy, but I suggest you just think back to your last time on a bike. Whether it’s your first time without small wheels, a bike trip, a quiet getaway to soak up the sun along a bike path, when you’ve overtaken cars stuck in a traffic jam… how did you feel? And then, who would be unhappy to optimize their movements, to go faster, to take a bath in the sun and fresh air, to do a little physical activity on their way to work? Or to travel for free, with the simple power of one’s own body? To go out and enjoy the spring sun along a cycle path?

2 – Maintain and/or improve my physical health

After an inactive adolescence, cycling turned everything upside down in my life because it brought movement, strength and perseverance to my daily life. In summary: I have become acquainted with a body in good physical health, dynamic. This change made me understand the importance of a flexible and balanced life. on your physical health. As for me, cycling is always a good excuse not to deprive myself of chocolate

3 – Improve my mental health

Again, several scientific studies prove it. However, we know that a healthy body helps to have a healthy head. Sunbathing, moving, feeling independent, are all important factors in the fight against temporary depression. We can even go further in this thought, but I prefer to leave the floor to the scientists. For my part, as soon as I have too many emotions (sadness, nostalgia, anger, etc.) a bike ride often helps me to decant this accumulated energy and think differently – more calmly – about my situation. I return serene and with clear ideas.

4 – The bicycle for practical and multifunctional mobility

Why confine yourself to static transport, when you can transform a journey into a moment of pleasure and well-being? The car (the train, the bus) only allows us to move around, when the bike also allows us to practice physical activity (instead of going to the gym), to sunbathe (instead of waiting for the holidays ), etc. Long live multifunctionality!

5 – Foster self-confidence

Because all cyclists are heroes, it’s well known! In fact, moving by sheer force is very rewarding, but not only. Cycling places us in the city, encourages us to be reactive, to change our plans more easily, and why not sometimes ride in the rain, against the winds, or even in the snow. Not to mention all the little challenges to So many situations that promote our resilience, our adaptability and simply help us build our self-esteem.

6 – Root myself in a territory

Getting around by bike stimulates our sense of belonging to a territory and its inhabitants. In an open vehicle, you immerse yourself in the culture, the geography, the people, the cities and their infrastructures. I had never paid attention to all this before, yet today I understand how each infrastructure impacts the behavior and habits of its inhabitants, because it is the public space that defines our habits. A city that gives way to cars does not invite cyclists to ride, pedestrians to circulate or children to go outside to play – it’s too dangerous. By bicycle, I become a citizen of my city and a citizen of the world.

7 – Develop autonomy from childhood

Did you know that Dutch children would be the happiest in the world according to Unicef? I deeply believe it every time I immerse myself in the smile of my daughter who is very proud to move independently, aware of the challenges of the road , and already confronted with urban issues “Mom, why is there room for cars and my little bike? »

8 – Make travel accessible

Pregnancy? Loss of equilibrium ? Tired quickly? Partial physical disability? Pedaling offers people with loss of autonomy travel alternatives where they can be independent. It is also a way to create beautiful moments of sharing.

9 – Make traveling pleasant

Getting around by bike just gives me pleasure. For their part, public transport stresses me out with the schedules to follow, walking takes me too long, the car irritates me and even makes me surprisingly vulgar (not to mention the risk of daily accidents). So I get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. However, when I ride a bike I am comfortable in traffic, I take my time, and sometimes I even take detours just for fun. and enjoy being outdoors. Who has ever chosen to extend their trip just to make the pleasure last while they were in the car or on public transport?

10 – For its simplicity

No need to plow your car in winter or wait for it to warm up. No car seat too heavy to carry. No parking space to look for. No nervous breakdowns in traffic jams. If the children shout, it does not matter, on the contrary even that becomes funny. We also forget the driving license, the various papers (gray card, registrations, etc.), etc. Uh, wait… Why are some people still taking their car in the morning?

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